Thursday, June 21, 2018

Keeping Online Advocacy Real in a “Fake News” Environment

Based in Washington, D.C., Ryan Shucard serves as Vice President of Media Relations with SevenTwenty Strategies and guides a full range of coordinated PR activities. Ryan Shucard stays current on industry trends within a fast evolving landscape that increasingly inhabits digital technologies. 

A recent article on the SevenTwenty Strategies blog site drew attention to “fake news” and the impact it has on advocacy groups and public perception. Unfortunately, nearly everyone has had the experience of scrolling through their Facebook feed and seeing stories that they rightly questioned the veracity of. 

Once the legitimacy of what is encountered online is routinely called into question, delivering communications that are both high quality and generate trust becomes a challenge.

Countering the fake news syndrome begins with keeping advocacy campaigns real and playing it “absolutely straight” when it comes to sourcing and distributing news. News stories that are forwarded to readers should be from recognized legitimate sources, such as The Wall Street Journal or The Washington Post. When election results are provided, make sure they come from sources trusted on both sides of the aisle, such as The Cook Political Report’s VoteWatch 2018.

Consistent quality communications will grow sizable audiences over time, rather than generate huge numbers of people who click on alarmist and fake headlines. Instead of the hyperbolic, emphasize content that engages, entertains, informs, and enlivens the political sphere.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

SevenTwenty Strategies Aids Political Campaigns

The vice president of media relations for SevenTwenty Strategies in Washington, DC, Ryan Shucard manages communications services for health care companies and trade organizations. Ryan Shucard’s responsibilities include news media interviews and press releases.

SevenTwenty Strategies also consults with political candidates. Its team assesses each candidate’s potential and develops strategic plans to meet specific goals.

The firm begins with analysis of the target audience. Opinion polls, opposition research, and one-to-one comparisons help candidates set themselves apart from the rest of the field.

Strategists then mobilize grassroots support to supplement party backing. Using online messages, door-to-door campaigning, and coalition formation, seasoned agents provide essential mobilization.

SevenTwenty enhances these efforts with effective fundraising by finding donors, building lists, and distributing letters. The company also assists clients with solicitation speeches, donor psychology, and financial compliance regulations.

Other campaign services include electronic media production and marketing, advertising in print and Internet outlets, web design, and automated telephone messaging. For further information, visit

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Denver Broncos Find New Starting Quarterback in Case Keenum

Ryan Shucard is a former Republican National Committee communications director who now serves as Vice President of Media Relations for SevenTwenty Strategies, where he directs all strategic media initiatives and outreach for clients. Beyond his professional pursuits, Ryan Shucard is a passionate National Football League (NFL) fan who counts the Denver Broncos as his one and only favorite team.

The Broncos filled a major need this offseason by signing quarterback Case Keenum to a two-year, $36-million contract. Last year's starting quarterback, Trevor Siemian, posted a mediocre win-loss record of 5-5 and finished 28th in touchdowns (12), 27th in passing yards (2,285), 29th in quarterback rating (73.3), and 26th in yards per attempt (6.5). While Keenum himself has struggled at times earlier in his career, Broncos general manager John Elway is a firm believer in his ability, not just because of his on-field success last season, but because of his character and dedication to the game.

With that said, Keenum's play last season speaks for itself. The 30-year-old University of Houston alumnus set career highs in nearly every major statistical category and led the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Conference Championship. In addition to completing 67.6 percent of his passes for 3,547 yards and 22 touchdowns, Keenum showed his versatility by rushing for a career-high 160 yards.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Jonathan Mildenhall Selected as 2018 PRSA Conference Keynote Speaker

The recipient of a bachelor's degree in public relations from the University of Northern Colorado, Ryan Shucard serves as Vice President of Media Relations with Washington, D.C.-based SevenTwenty Strategies, where he directs content development and media outreach for clients. Augmenting his professional pursuits, Ryan Shucard holds membership with the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

The 2018 PRSA International Conference will be held from October 7 to 9 in Austin, Texas. Guests will have the opportunity to network with thousands of colleagues as well as more than 150 industry experts from a variety of business sectors. There will also be technique-based workshops and educational programs covering subjects such as integrated marketing, leadership and management, and special interests. The three-day conference will be kicked off by keynote speaker Jonathan Mildenhall, an internationally recognized marketing expert who previously served as chief marketing officer of Airbnb. 

The recipient of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Creative Marketer of the Year award in 2013, Mildenhall is a strong proponent of purposeful branding and creating authentic, community-driven brands that actively push for positive societal change. He was also named to Forbes' list of the World's Most Influential CMOs in 2017. In addition to his work with Airbnb, Mildenhall has helped shape marketing campaigns for popular brands such as Audi, Guinness, PlayStation, and Coca-Cola.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hiking in Colorado's Black Canyon

A former communications director for the Republican National Committee, Ryan Shucard serves as the vice president of media relations for SevenTwenty Strategies in Washington, D.C. Outside of his career as a public relations professional, Ryan Shucard enjoys outdoor activities. His love for the outdoors was sparked by the time he spent in his home state of Colorado.

Colorado offers spectacular outdoor opportunities that range from hiking to skiing. One lesser known destination for outdoor enthusiasts is Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Located in western Colorado, Black Canyon is famous for its depth and darkness, with some parts of the canyon receiving less than an hour of sunlight per day. 

Several trails enter the canyon. Because no one maintains the trails, however, you must first demonstrate your hiking capability to a ranger in order to receive a free permit to hike in the park. The unmarked trails require some scrambling through steep sections with loose boulders, making it difficult for those with mobility issues. The payoff, however, includes spectacular cliffs and some of the oldest rock formations in the country.

Trail options include the Oak Flat Loop Trail, a two-mile round-trip loop across the rim of the canyon, and the Class 3 Gunnison Route, the easiest trail down to the canyon floor.